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demand forecast AI

Intelligent Forecasting

Know the Expected Demands for your products in Advance. Get Accurate Sales Forecasts and Plan your Inventory Better.

  • Advance Machine Learning based Probabilistic Forecasting.
  • Automatic identification the right Model for each SKU.
  • Constantly self learning from past predictions, keeps getting better with time.
  • Smart Business heuristics baked in to tackle real world scenarios.

Dynamic Classification

Easily Differentiate your Hot Sellers from Slow Movers. Save Time and Energy by Focusing on the Right Products to Maximize Profits.

  • Beyond just ABC Analysis based on Pareto Principle.
  • Classify Products based on Stability and Volatility.
  • Basket Analysis for Products that Sell Together.

ABC Classification
stock alert

Stock Alerts

Get Notified in Advance, before you run Out of Stock on your Hot-Sellers or when you are having too much stock.

  • Algorithms constantly check Sales tends.
  • Alerts on possible stock outs ahead in time.
  • Optimum replneishment quantity suggestions.
  • Identifies and alerts Over stocked goods.

Easy Purchase Orders

Easily create and send Purchase Orders to your suppliers in just a few clicks.

  • Convert replenishment suggestions into Purchase Orders in 1 Click.
  • Customizable with your Company Logo and address.
  • Export as pdf.

Purchase Order


All key metrics in one place, now actionable insights at your finger tips.

  • Beautiful and Easy to read charts and widgets.
  • Monthly sales Trend, Forecasted Revenue, Inventory Trend.
  • Hot Sellers, Slow Movers, High Value Customers and lots more...

Material and Resource Planning

This add-on gives Super Powers to Artisans and Handmade business owners.

  • Raw materials Inventory Management.
  • Resource (labour, machinery) management.
  • Bill of Material (BOM) Management.
  • Accurate costs calculation for goods produced.
  • Production Planning.

resource planning BOM

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